Beauty: Guerlain Beaugrenelle ecrin 6 couleurs palette review

Let's look at some more eyecandy, shall we? Today I'm reviewing Guerlain's Beaugrenelle Ecrin 6 Couleurs palette, and I think that this little product probably has the prettiest packaging I've ever seen. Not just the filigree on the outside, but also the flip-out mirror on the inside. And I haven't even mentioned the actual eyeshadows yet.

Guerlain Beaugrenelle ecrin 6 couleurs palette review
Guerlain Beaugrenelle ecrin 6 couleurs palette review

The Guerlain Beaugrenelle palette offers six beauty products: five eyeshadows, and a gel eyeliner. The colours go together beautifully, and even though the combination is subtle and harmonious, this is not a dull palette. The mix of different shades and finishes makes it possible to create a number of very different end results using just these six products. The palette also comes with a little two ended brush which is usable, I guess (I'm not a fan of the applicators you get with palettes).

Guerlain Beaugrenelle ecrin 6 couleurs palette review
Guerlain Beaugrenelle ecrin 6 couleurs palette review

As you can see, the palette contains three matte eyeshadows (the cream, the mid tone grey and the dark denim blue), one glittery shadow (the silvery grey), one satin eyeshadow (the frosty blue) and one navy blue gel liner. I liked the pigmentation on all of these and did not have to put in much effort to create the level of opacity seen in the swatches. The medium grey and the pearly blue were my favourites: the grey because of its creaminess, and the blue because of that lovely frosty finish (what can I say, I'm a Barbie in human form). The gel liner could be more soft and fluid though, the waxy texture it has does not lend itself to doing a cat eye for example.

The pigmentation is much more impressive when actually used on the eyelid, though. I was pretttty much in love with the look I created here.

Guerlain Beaugrenelle ecrin 6 couleurs palette review

How to get the look:
  • silvery grey in inner eye corner
  • frosty blue all over the moving eyelid
  • dark blue in the outer v
  • medium grey in the crease
  • liner along the top and bottom lashline 
I did layer these over my regular Catrice Prime and Fine primer, as I always do but I still think all of the shades work perfectly fine. I don't really like white eyeshadows, so I didn't use the creamy colour. The end result is pretttty beautiful, right? The only downside is that these colours tended to fade a bit towards the end of the day, but I feel like looks that revolve around very bright, artificial shades generally show degeneration much more clearly than a look done in neutrals.

Guerlain Beaugrenelle ecrin 6 couleurs palette review
Guerlain Beaugrenelle ecrin 6 couleurs palette review

This is definitely the most impressive blue eyeshadow palette I've had the pleasure of reviewing. I've read underwhelmed reviews at influential blogs like Temptalia, but I really can't agree: I love this palette, and its eyeshadows and packaging are top notch. Which should be expected of an 82€ eyeshadow palette. A collector's item for sure!

Would you wear a full-on blue eyeshadow look? Are you impressed by this palette?


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