Grey skinny jeans, oversized cardigan

outfit: long grey coat, grey skinny jeans
oversized zara cardigan, grey skinny jeans
and other stories handbag, daniel wellington watch
outfit: grey skinny jeans, oversized cardigan
brunette curls
and other stories handbag, oversized Zara cardigan
outfit: grey skinny jeans, zinda ankle boots, and other stories handbag
outfit: grey skinny jeans, long grey coat
coat: H&M - t-shirt: COS - skinny jeans: Noisy May - ankle boots: c/o Zinda - handbag: & Other Stories - cardigan: Zara - necklace: Diamanti Per Tutti

I've been trying to fill the grey-skinny-jeans-shaped hole in my wardrobe for about half a year now, and I finally found a pair that has the right wash and colour, is comfortable AND flatters my figure when I spotted the Noisy May table at Vero Moda. You never know how hard it is to find a certain item until you want it, you know? And the longer you look for it, the more the want becomes a need. Grey jeans became this thing in my mind that would solve all my uninspired outfit days, those mornings when I would just pull out leggings AGAIN. No more leggings!!8!88 Ok yeah still leggings, but not every other day. Actual pants are just a bit more versatile when it comes to picking tops to pair them with, and grey is just such a lovely neutral shade to go with everything, and the lighter colour eases my wardrobe from winter into spring. I get so tired of wearing black all the time during the colder months, so now I've resorted to wearing grey all the time. Much better.

This oversized cardigan: best buy ever. I will probably cry a little when I inevitably wear holes into it. Won't take long if I keep wearing it as often as I've been doing for the last half year. Hope you like the outfit! :-)

PS: I just found out that if I curl my hair after washing, use hairspray and maintain volume and non-stankiness with dry shampoo, I can make my hair maintain texture and waves up until the next wash about 5 days later. WIN. Watching Pretty Little Liars makes me covet perfect hair and make up every single day, so I broke out my curling iron again. Those Rosewood High girls don't mess around, man.


Beauty: upside down orange cat eye

This is the second look I created when trying out the Yves Rocher 100% intense kohl kajal pencils (check out the first one here). Not all of the colours inspired me (nor were they all great quality), but the Bleu Indigo and Terre de Sienne ones hold a special place in my heart. The blue because, well, obviously, and the orange because I had totally not expected to be able to put a nice look together. I never wear orange (bad Dutchie), and because warm coloured eyeliner just feels weird to be, like it would just make you look as if you have an eye infection. NO THX. And yet, I was totally in love with this make up look when I finished it. It's playful, artsy, easy yet big and sort of something I'd associate with spunky anime heroines. I kept the rest of my make up dewy and bare faced to let the eyes speak for themselves. I also think the orange lower eyeliner would look great with virtually any eye colour. Hope you like it!

make up tutorial: upside down orange cat eye

Products used:
- lilac leaning white eyeshadow from Gosh's smokey eye kit all over the moving eyelid
- Catrice liquid liner for the cat eye
- Maybelline Volum' Express mascara
- Yves Rocher Intense kajal in Terre de Sienne on the waterline and below 
- some vaseline on the lips

Let me know what you think! Were you as surprised as I was about warm, orange eyeliner actually looking quite cool (pun not intended)?


Replay Luz Hyperflex skinnies and biker boots

casual outfit: replay luz hyperflex skinnies and biker boots
casual outfit: replay luz hyperflex skinnies, roll neck sweater
and other stories handbag, daniel wellington watch
casual outfit: replay luz hyperflex skinnies and biker boots
replay luz hyperflex skinnies, biker boots
roll neck sweater, daniel wellington lady sheffield watch
casual outfit: biker boots and replay luz hyperflex skinnies
Cropped turtle neck sweater: OASAP - top: Pimkie - skinnies: c/o Replay Hyperflex Luz - biker boots: Avance - handbag: & Other Stories - coat: H&M - watch: Daniel Wellington
pics by Krizia

I'm always surprised at how infrequently I share an outfit with you guys where I'm wearing pants. I feel like I wear pants all the time these (cold) days, and yet, my trousers and pairs of denim rarely make it onto the blog. Maybe I just wear them so much that I feel like I should try something different whenever I meet up with someone to snap outfit pictures.

These jeans are special, though. I was offered a pair of Replay Hyperflex denim to review, and when I read the sales pitch I was basically already hooked. The Replay Hyperflex jeans claim to be the closest you'll get to the feeling of super stretchy leggings while still having the thick fabric, 5 pocket look of actual denim. Many super stretchy pairs of jeans feel great, but actually look like a legging - twill trouser hybrid rather than denim, sacrificing some style, ruggedness and flattering qualities for comfort. OR SO THEY CLAIM. Well, I'm about to share my expert opinion with you guys. I've tried my share of super stretchy denim, since it's the only way denim ever works for me - I have a straight waist and narrow hips, so non-stretch denim (or high waisted denim) gives me major muffintop when it fits my bum and hips. Additionally, my skinny calfs make many pairs of not-so-stretchy skinnies actually fit more like a pair of straight legged jeans would (I'm looking at you, Levi's), so stretchy skinnies it is! Anyway, back to the point: do these Replay Hyperflex skinnies make good on their claim?

Absolutely. If it weren't for the buttons, I could sleep in these jeans. The Hyperflex comes in three styles: mid rise skinnies Luz (which I ended up picking), straight legged Vicki and low rise, biker inspired detailed Alanies. I tried on all three styles in store, and noticed that the lightest wash is the softest and the most stretchy. The dark wash is the most rigid, and the mid blue wash is, well, somewhere in the middle. The saleslady told me that the reason the fabric is so stretchy (and in four directions rather than just horizontally!) while maintaining its shape after each wear, is that with most lycra-blend denims, the thread is cotton envelopped by lycra, while with the Hyperflex skinnies, the lycra is the core of the thread, and it's envelopped by polyester and cotton. This makes all the difference, because the cotton and polyester protect the lycra from losing its shape by wear or by washing and drying, and because the cotton outer layer of the thread ensures the thick denim fabric look.

Also, the design has a bum-lifting effect, apparently (proof here!), and Kate Moss loves them. I know, I sound like a deranged sales p(/b)itch, but when you get to the more high end part of the denim market, it's worth it to know what you're actually paying for. And according to my humble opinion, the Replay Hyperflex really is top notch, especially when your body shape isn't usually flattered by denim cuts.

All three Hyperflex styles retail at 159.90€.
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