Outfit: Support your local girl gang

outfit: oversized blazer, mini skirt
outfit: vintage knee high boots, oversized blazer, mini skirt
outfit: vintage knee high boots, oversized blazer, mini skirt
support your local girl gang t-shirt
outfit: vintage knee high boots, oversized blazer, mini skirt
outfit: vintage knee high boots, oversized blazer, mini skirt
 blazer: Zara - T-shirt: Pull & Bear - button through skirt, wrap around choker: Forever21 - boots: vintage - cross body bag: Zara

Back to work after a busy weekend! I have to admit it hurt to roll out of bed this morning (I had an early morning meeting) when we only got back from Paris around 1am, but the experience was well worth it. I don't think Comic-Con will become a recurring thing in my life (too crowded), but the Doctor Strange avant-première was awesoooome. If you're into superheroes and scifi, I urge you to go to a 3D screening of the movie as soon as you can. Definitely my favourite Marvel movie since Guardians of the Galaxy. Apart from those amazing visuals, I was especially excited about Tilda Swinton's role. How often do you see a middle aged, strange looking woman casted in a main bad-ass super hero role, sans any sexual/romantic connotations? Just about never ever.

Anyway, I survived the lack of sleep, and here's an outfit! I had to go buy this shirt after I spotted someone wearing it on instagram because uhm have you met me? The outfit is pretty classically Annebeth: a bit vintage 60s/70s, a bit preppy, a bit girly. I'll always be a sucker for a mini hemline paired with vintage knee boots. Basically my comfort zone during fall. Hope you like it!


Giveaway: L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime 3 step cleansing routine

Time to give something back to my lovely readers! Today I'm reviewing 3 skin renewing, cleansing products of the L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime line, and also inviting you to take part in my giveaway. Three lucky ducklings will get a set of these three products delivered to their doorstep, so keep reading for my thoughts on Pivoine Sublime, and to find out how you can win some for yourself.


Beauty: H&M metallic Dazzle Lip Topper

Beauty: H&M metallic Dazzle Lip Topper review

I've told you about my metallic lip obsession before when I reviewed the Milani Amore Mattalics. When I develop a crush on a new type of product, it can be difficult not to just want to buy one in every available shade. I mean, I hadn't even THOUGHT about metallic lipsticks before the trend started gaining traction, and here I found myself lusting after options from Jouer (Papaye) or Limecrime (Blondie). Not exactly a wallet friendly way to go about things, especially considering that metallic lipstick is a trend, not a new classic. 

You know what IS the perfect way to add some metallic sheen to your lipcolour collection? Lip toppers! I had my eye on the Notoriously Morbid Changeling topcoats for a while (definitely worth checking out), but I prefer being able to swatch lip beauty products before I buy them so I never took the plunge. When I spotted the Dazzle Lip Toppers at the H&M beauty counters, however, I was SIKED! I ended up taking home two tubes, Glisten Up and To Boldly Glow. Let's take a closer look.

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