A Day in Donzère and Viviers

Time for another France flashback! This is a huge photo filled post about the things we did, saw and ate on our first day in the beautiful Ardèche-Drôme. Sorry for the long post, but #sorrynotsorry. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

When we arrived at La Devinière, we had already figured out that both of us had forgotten to bring our toothbrushes. Yeah, that's what happens when you think you've thought of EVERYTHING. But this had a positive consequence as well: the first morning revolved around exploring Donzère, the town we were staying in, and a search for dental hygiene. We allowed our search to take us wherever, and in the end we explored all of Donzère and kept following the road long after finding what we were looking for. The day brought us from Donzère to the Faucet bridge over the river Rhône, through sunflower fields to a neighbouring town called Viviers. At the end of the afternoon, we were completely head over heels with the Ardèche-Drôme.

Donzère: winding roads, cobblestone everything, mediterranean foliage and a couple of friendly cats.

and other stories dress donzère & other stories dress donzère donzère donzère donzère donzère donzère

On me: & Other Stories floral dress, Oakley Frogskin mirrored sunglasses, Quechua hiking sandals. On him: Zara Hawaiian shirt, H&M linnen trousers

Onwards to the Rhône, the Faucet bridge, sunflowers and the first taste of the Ardèche, which was just across the river.

rhône faucet bridge pont rhône ardèche cliffs sunflowers france sunflowers france

The river banks were calm, sunny, extremely windy and awash with the sound of cicadas: perfect for a little stroll.

A short drive after crossing the river, we encountered Viviers and thought it was too pretty to pass without stopping. So we parked our car and climbed the hill towards the old cathedral, which came with some lovely views and a lot of wind.

viviers cathedral viviers cathedral viviers cathedral viviers cathedral viviers cathedral viviers cathedral viviers viviers mairie

At this time, it was already late afternoon and we decided to make our way back to the BnB to prepare for dinner (aka put on our hats). We ended up following the lead of one of our fellow guests, who recommended pizzeria Des Remparts in Chateauneuf du Rhône. We called to make reservations, but when we arrived we felt completely ridiculous since the pizzeria was basically a small, cheap take away venue with ramshackle plastic chairs and tables. However, we were very hungry and in a totally glass-half-full mood after a lovely day of sun, sights and the wind in our hair, so we sat down and ordered two pizzas using our best French. My boyfriend went with the Caraïbes pizza (cream with seafood), I picked the Végétarienne. Turns out, this was probably the best fucking pizza place in the entire south of France. I'm quite picky when it comes to pizza and this one was absolutely fingerlicking good. Just the right amount of perfectly seasoned vegetables on a moist yet crispy base. I'll forever remember that pizza.

pizzeria des remparts chateauneuf du rhonepizzeria des remparts chateauneuf du rhone

The host sort of pressured us into ordering more wine than we had planned to consume, but this also made the evening ridiculously funny as both of us were definitely at a stage beyond giddy after we finished our plates. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. A perfect day filled with small adventures.


Festival Style in Minkpink, Levi's and Converse

minkpink crop top levi's cutoffs converse kimono
minkpink crop top kimono
levi's cutoffs kimonominkpink crop top levi's cutoffs  kimono
levi's cutoffs converse kimono
orange floral kimono white converseminkpink crop top levi's cutoffs converse kimono

kimono: Oasap, similar here - crop top: c/o Minkpink via Sojeans (marked down to 15€) - shorts: vintage Levi's - sneakers: Converse - necklace: Lobogato

Time for another summer outfit before we've forgotten what summer even looks like! Yep, still rainy days and 17-19°C tops. These pictures were obviously taken on a happier day. In fact, I remember being eager to take off my kimono since every form of fabric made me break out a sweat. But the kimono did look very cool with the outfit, right? Very Almost Famous. Whch reminds me: isn't it funny that we refer to a 2000 movie about the '70s rather than the original reality itself? That's your existential question of the day, yo.

I'm typing this from my NEW LAPTOP which I'm really superduper happy with. My old laptop lasted me through my Uni days, but it really was at the end of its life span for about all of 2013 and 2014. Simply using Gimp to lighten up the pictures for my blog took ages since every step had to load for like a minute, and that doesn't exactly make you feel like you can truly rely on your laptop anymore. And like I always say, nothing causes stress like public transport, needing to use the bathroom while away from familiar places, and unreliable computers. My new laptop has a lovely, large, 17.3 inch screen, which is so much better for online reading, picture editing and blogging.

Talking about picture editing, I posted about instagram photoshopping over on my facebook page earlier, and you should really read this awesome post by Siel on the same subject: famous fashion bloggers buying followers and using photoshop to slim themselves down multiple sizes. Completely mindblowing. I might do a post about it myself one of these days, since I really think the fakeness bubble should be popped.

Woah, I had no idea this post would end up having an actual theme (reality/illusion). I guess my brain is more structured than I sometimes think it is.

PS: I've been thinking of starting a weekly feature of rounding up some links worth reading? I usually think those sorts of posts are super clickbait-y when I see them on other websites, but I read so many interesting things online that I'd love to share with you guys. What do you think?

As a tester, here is a post I loved about feminism and Marvel superhero movies.


Make Up Tutorial: Glam-Femme Inspired by Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande

While trying to keep up with what all the hip young people are doing and liking (let's face it, we're not the target audience anymore), I've noticed a trend in the look of today's pretty young things. A trend that is pleasing to my aesthetics, and inspires me to tweak my own beauty routine. I call it glam-femme. Necessary components:

- flawlessly contoured
- preferably tan skin
- perfectly shaped brows
- long lashes
- classically elegant eye make up (think cat eyeliner or a soft smokey eye)
- lips lined just outside the natural lip line, finished with a luscious taupe-mauve-beige-nude (depending on your colouring) matte lipstick (I got my eye on Mac Velvet Teddy)

I love this trend especially because it's a look that keeps coming back into style. Remember Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Cindy Crawford: every decade has beauty icons rocking the glam-femme look.

brigitte bardot audrey hepburn cindy crawford make up tutorial

Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Cindy Crawford - pictures via google

Perfect contemporary examples of this trend are singer/actress Ariana Grande and reality star Kylie Jenner (youngest of the Kardashian clan).

ariana grande kylie jenner make up tutorial

Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner - pictures via google

Now, tell me you can look at these girls and not be like "DAMN I wish I had a live-in make up artist". In the case of Kylie Jenner, her perfect lips are undoubtedly surgically enhanced (make up can do a lot, but not TRIPLE the fullness of your upper lip), but that doesn't mean we can't take a page from her book.

I created my own version of the glam-femme look on a whim and decided to put together a step by step tutorial. This make up look is perfect for any sort of dressed up occasion so I bet you'll find some use for it.

What I used:

ariana grande kylie jenner make up tutorial

1: Lancôme Teint Miracle foundation
2: Sleek Face Form contouring kit
3: Catrice lipliner Lost in the Rosewood
4: Hema full eyeshadow brush
5: The Body Shop contouring/blush brush
6: Hema flat eyeshadow brush (used for eyebrows)
7: Essence black matte eyeshadow
8: Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow primer
9: angled eyeliner brush
10: Maybelline Volum Express mascara
11: (not pictured) Hema Eyebrow pencil in dark brown
12: (not pictured, I did a crappy job) Hema liquid eyeliner

ariana grande kylie jenner make up tutorial

And these two mauve-ish shades from my E.L.F. 100 colours eyeshadow kit.
First step: foundation! I love the Lancôme Teint Miracle foundation because it provides amazing coverage, and natural skin-like finish.

ariana grande kylie jenner make up tutorial

Huge difference, right? This particular shade is a tad too warm for my own complexion, but a friend gave it to me and as long as I blend it down my jawline, the colour does work.

Second stap: add eyebrows. I do this in two stages. First, I use a pencil to draw clear lines along the edges of my eyebrows. This step is necessary for a clean shape. Secondly, I use my flat eyeshadow brush to blend the pigment towards the middle of my eyebrows.

eyebrow shaping drawing tutorial

Next step: on the left, you see my face with just foundation and brows, on the right I added contouring, blush and highlighter. For an in depth tutorial on contouring, check out this post.

ariana grande kylie jenner make up tutorial

Now, time for the eyes. I used the lightest shade (a purple leaning beige) on my entire moving eyelid, and the darker mauve in the crease. Then I used my angled brush to draw on a black line following my lashes. I've noticed that using eyeshadow or pencil underneath my eyeliner helps me get a neater result. Finally, I drew on a cat eye with eyeliner and used mascara.

ariana grande kylie jenner make up tutorial

ariana grande kylie jenner make up tutorial

Are you still with me? We're almost there! Last step: perfect lips. Using nude lip liner to draw JUST outside the natural edges of your lips gives roughly the same effect as very subtle collagen injections but not as permanent, much cheaper and totally painless. WIN WIN.

ariana grande kylie jenner make up tutorial lip liner

Just compare picture number 1 and picture number three to see what a huge difference a little liner makes.

And voila! 

ariana grande kylie jenner make up tutorial

Va-va-voom! Obviously I took some more pictures, because: good face day.

ariana grande kylie jenner make up tutorial
ariana grande kylie jenner make up tutorial

Not too bad, right? This has been my go-to look over the past week, but I usually skip the eyeliner and swap it for smudged pencil since it takes a lot of time to get just right.

Hope you like it, and let me know if you have any questions!

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